Questions to help you to become a Social Media Star!

Preparing for the Social Media Marketing Workshop

To help you to prepare for this workshop, briefly answer the questions below based on your own business.

1. Position - What is the status quo business situation for your potential customers?

2. Problem - What is the problem you help to solve for your customers?

3. Projection - What will happen if your prospects don't buy from you?

4. Proposal - How can you help?  What do you do that benefits your customers?

5. Proof - What evidence is there that your solution works?

6. Project - What are you doing with your current customers to get results?

7. USP - What makes you different and/or better than your competitors

8. Guarantee - What assurances do you give that your solution will work?

---Please follow the link below to download a copy of this questionnaire.---


Download this file (Pre-workshop questionnaire.pdf)Pre-workshop questionnaire.pdf[ ]123 Kb